Benefits and Membership Info:

Some Member Benefits:
  • Get your own email address at!  Example: or
  • No mill, no problem!  Buy your grain in bulk and use the BrewHead GS "Stone Crusher" Mill 2000 to crush it.
  • Purchase sub quantities at reduced rates of the grain, extract or hops I buy in bulk, when freshly available.
  • Inside access to a woodworker!  Get help making your own bottle opener, tap handle, pen or top!
  • 6 Free raffle tickets each year for new Annual BrewHead Raffle Party.
  • Whatever else we can think of... ideas welcome!
How to become a member?
  • Come to a couple meetings and don't show up empty handed.  Buy Chester a *Fish Fry* (haha, jk)... or wow the club with some awesome *beer* homebrew or otherwise... or bring some awesome *snacks*... or donate *hops* to the club... or I hear Chester accepts bribes, haha!  ...or just ask!  It's all good!
  • If you want an email address, just let Chester know.

Original Founding Members:

1.  Chester


2.  John E.


3.  Gary S.


4.  John F.


 5.  Jim S.


6.  Mark S.

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