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Oh My! Homemade Hot Dilly Beans!! Venison Sausage and Cheese!!

In order left to right, Highest to Lowest ABV:

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6.7% - BigHead Brewing Company - Pale Ale
10.5% - Squatters Pub Brewery - Outer Darkness - Russian Imperial Stout
8.3% - Founders - Breakfast Stout - Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Stout
7.5% - Great Lakes Brewing Company - Christmas Ale
7% - Abita - Save Our Shore - Weizen Pils
6.7% - Deschutes - Jubelale - Christmas Ale
6% - Lagunitas - Pils - Czech Style Pils
6% - Sideswipe Brewing - Squashing Pumpkin - Pumpkin Ale
6% - Rodenbach - Grand Cru - Oak'd Sour Ale
6% - Three Floyds - Man-O-Awe - American Pale Ale
5.6% - Lakefront Brewery - Klisch - Pilsner
Sartori Cheese and Venison Sticks
Homeade Hot Dilly Beans!!
What a fantastic meeting! Our largest turnout yet, 13. In addition to all the great commercial brews on hand (Thank you everyone for being so generous!! Check out the pics!), we had even greater Homebrewed Concoctions!! Pat L.'s Imperial Stout made with Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Cocao Nibs, Chiles and Cinnamon was something to behold. I can't wait to try the tweaked out version 2.0. It was a great experience alongside Squatter's Outer Darkness and Founder's Breakfast Stout.

Kudos to Jeffrey for sharing his Town Hall 1800 Historic English IPA, nothing like getting a little history with our beer and thanks for having the patience to make the Helles Bock Lager. That smooth 1800 dangerously hid its alcohol.

Very awesome of David M. to bring his 2 sons, Peter and Andrew. Hope to see you 2 cool cats again! I feel a jam brewing. Super Duper Awesome - David brought a couple jars of his Homemade Hot Dilly Beans!!! He wreaked me with those back in 2013 and I've been dreaming of them ever since! I cannot express enough thanks! YUM! YUM! YUM!

Another newbie - all the way from super far away (that's my way of saying I don't really remember - I think Wauwatosa) Pat L.'s friend, Pat (thanks Pat L. for recruiting!). Very nice to meet you. I hope to see you again. Appreciate you guys coming, I know it's a long haul.

And another newbie - Don B. (thanks Jim S. for recruiting!) fit right into that little special place in my heart with a Growler from BigHead Brewing, Venison Snack Sticks and the best cheeses I've ever had, Sartori Gold Bellavitano and oh man, Sartori MERLOT Bellavitano! I hope everyone tried some beer/cheese pairings that I know for me personally, the sum of the whole was greater than the parts individually. The trifecta included the Venison! The quadfecta included those Homemade Hot Dilly Beans!

Now I apologize that this has became a book. I do hope everyone makes it this far. The best commercial beer of the night, IMO, was John E.'s Rodenbach Grand Cru. What a great sour beer for sour novices and connoisseurs alike. If you ever have the urge to dabble with a sour, this one comes strongly recommended. John, you sir are the King of Sours. Thanks for bringing that bad boy!

Mr. John F., our collaborative Christmas Ale held its own. Was very cool to do a 3 way side by side comparison of the Christmas Ales - Ours vs. Deschutes vs. Great Lakes. I know Jim and Mark S. got in on the comparison (now which was it, 1, 2, or 3? lol), hope others were able to do so as well. It was a fun and enlightening experience.

John F., your homebrews . . . I know you brought Kiwi Express IPA and Belgian Stout, which were both good in their own respects - but you sir - out did yourself with that Karma Citra IPA!! Featuring a blend of Centennial, Cascade and lots of Citra Hops, I could not stop smelling my glass! The taste followed the delicious nose and punched me up in my grill with those hops!! By far, my favorite beer of the night!!! Sidenote, I just ordered a pound of 2015 Citra Hops because of that brew.

One of you fuckers got me. Trying to do my part of being a good host, when I clean up, I try to see to it that no beer goes to waste. When I stumbled across the Lagunitas bottle I was like, hmmm, don't recall trying this one tonight. Lucky me! There's about a swallow left! Gotta say, the chew wasn't all that bad, *think* root beer. It was the chunky cigarette/cigar butts that got me... LOL. FYI, clean up method being revised, haha. Cheers Fuckers!


In order left to right, Highest to Lowest ABV:

Click buttons to inspect beer labels:
11.7% - Cigar City - Iron O'Rourke's GOD OF FEAR - Stout
9.5% - Three Floyds - Dreadnaught - Imperial IPA
8% - Milwaukee Brewing Company - Dopplevision - Barrel Aged Dopplebock
7.5% - Revolution Brewing - Crystal Hero - IPA
7.4% - Three Floyds - Rabbid Rabbit - Saison
7% - Spiteful Brewing - Couch Funding Cherry Stout - Cherry Stout
5.2% - Bottle Logic Brewing - She Shot First - Pale Wheat Ale
5% - O'so Brewing Company - Sense Of Direction - Coffee Blonde Sour
4.7% - Yuengling - Black and Tan - Porter and Premium

2014-10-02 - BrewHead Packer Party Meeting

Many thanks to the Gents that made it out to our first ever BrewHead Packer Party Meeting!! Thanks for all the generosity. Always awesome to try "made in WI" brews! Was a fun night of hanging out, sampling beers and watching football. Cheers!!


At this meeting we were lucky to try some "unattainable in WI" brews (in addition to others). Namely, brews by Stone Brewing and Firestone Walker. We also sampled some homebrew that managed to find its way to the meeting even tho the brewer wasn't present (Some good Bourbon Ale).

Check out the pic below and see some of the brews we tried that night. Many thanks to all those able to attend and even more thanks for sharing some great beers!!

2014-06-12 **1 Year Anniversary Meeting**

Thanks for the good anniversary meeting featuring New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb and New Belgium La Folie on tap!! It was great to see all of the original founders (minus Gary S., though present in spirit). Several highlights: Jim Stephan's Pickled Eggs!! Awesome!! I want more! John F's House of Sausage sausage! Good indeed! Last but not least, da beers! While many worthy beers were present, most memorable for me, all the way from Florida, two beers from Cigar City, both delicious!! And Surly Coffee Bender from Minnesota! Thanks for sharing the great food and beers!! Cheers!

2014-03-28 - Not A Meeting, Just A Thank You!

I want to thank each of you for being a BrewHead. Thank you! Without you, there is no BrewHead Club . . . just a brewhead dude. It's been a fun ride thus far. Many thanks!


Great meeting indeed! Great topics, great ideas, great brews! Thanks to everyone for bringing a great variety of beers to try (and smokey treats). What a fantastic selection. Very awesome to gain 2 new BrewHeads. Hope to see Kurt S. and Matt D. again. As per the norm for the brew community, nice friendly guys. Thanks again for the great time everyone, CHEERS!!


This was a good meeting. Someone got a new tattoo that was not only awesome, but also meaningful. Sweet tat John F.!!


Thanks for the good meeting! Was good to meet some new faces, welcome! Was also good to see familiar faces! Thanks much for hosting John F.!!! Cheers!


Another great meeting for the history books. Was good to see all of you who made it to the BrewHead meeting last week! Awesome to have a new face, Aaron, hope to see you again. Special thanks to John F. for so kindly hosting and providing a great selection of beers, eats and smokey treats. Many thanks to everyone else for sharing awesome brews as well! I hope everyone has an excellent Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for good beer and I am thankful there are other people as passionate about beer as I am!! Cheers to all!!

2013-10-31 ***Halloween***

This meeting was fantastic! Specifically for me, the highlight was David M's Homemade Hot Dilly Beans! Absolutely loved them! Of course it wouldn't have been the same without all the fine brews (and attendees) that were present. Thank you everyone for sharing! Was also a great pleasure to meet David H, thanks for coming! Hope to see you again!


Pre-Meeting Meeting! The real meeting isn't until Halloween but some of us just couldn't wait. Awesome time, with awesome brews, awesome stogies and fantastic company!! Cheers!!


Impromptu Meeting! Planning out a big brew day for September 29. Brewing 4 different versions of Honey Ale, mixing up the yeasties, the hops and the honey. I believe we brewed almost 40 gallons that day! John F., thanks for hosting and firing up the BBQ! Had an awesome time and was very awesome to meet Pat L. Looking forward to hanging with him in the future!


'Thank you' to all of you for your continued interest and your beer/cigar sharing generosity! Jon L., thanks much for letting us pop your brew cherry. Great job brewing Cherry Popper Pale Ale!! I measured the SG this morning and it was 13 brix / 1.052 original gravity, right on target. Was about 54 F so I pitched a pack of US-05 dry yeast and placed the primary in the fermentation chamber which will bring it up to 64 F. Another night with many great brews, not a bad one in the bunch. Thanks again!


Great meeting! Got to meet Jeff P. who shared a great first brew! Jim, thanks for providing the opportunity to try Orange Shandy. I liked it a lot. Gary, you already know I like your brown, thanks for bringing it again. John F. aka Raymond, thanks much for the awesome beer selection and stogies. Last, but certainly not least, John E. aka Vincent, thanks for your fantastic brew selection and stogies. In my eyes, you brought the winner of the bunch, the Brouwerij Lindemans Framboise Lambic.

Great meeting followed by a great brew session yesterday at John F.'s house. He brewed Surly Bender. I've never seen a keggle that full before and that was before heat expansion, zowie! Thanks for the great time and all the beers you shared. Eric (always a pleasure) brewed Dead Ringer IPA and I gave the White House Honey Porter a go. First time I've brewed on the road. It was nice to meet Jim's brother Mark, who was a fantastic helper! Cheers All!


Pre-Meeting Meeting. Main BrewHead meeting gets postponed to next week. Two of us decide to hangout anyways. Brown Ale, Cider, Jalapeno Wine and Vanilla Porter join us as well.


Alls I remember is that we got to meet Dave M. and there was some Speckled Heifer. I should've started doing this log sooner, haha. Cheers!


Club Facebook Page Gets Created!
Thanks much Jim!!


Our First Meeting!!!

Original Founding Members:
  • Chester
  • John E.
  • Gary S.
  • John F.
  • Jim S.
  • Mark S.
  • It was a tuesday . . . 8 quiet months had passed since registering the club (Sept 29, 2012) with the American Homebrewer's Association - Proud member since Aug 22, 2012.

    Then, it happened. May 21, 2013 - 9:29am - the first email came in. It was John E. and he was looking for a homebrew club to join. Then, that night - 6:03pm - it happened again. The second email came in. It was Gary S. and he too was looking for a club. 2 inquiries on the same day! For the record, both guys were previously unassociated with each other. Funny how things like that happen. Both John E. and Gary S. became founding members. And so, we were on our way . . .

    Here's a side tidbit: Fast forward to Mar 11, 2014 and it happens again! 2 dudes (Kurt S. and Matt D) from Oconomowoc (also unassociated with each other) both contacting me on the same day, haha. Maybe it's gonna be a thing? Now, where were we? Ah yes, and so, we were on our way . . .

    Our first meeting was very successful. John E. did some heavy recruiting and brought 3 guys with him. Awesome! 2 of the 3 guys became founding members (John F. and Jim S.) Soon thereafter, Jim's brother Mark S. also became a founding member. The 3rd guy (Cody) lives quite a distance away, so though welcome anytime (and is over due for a visit mind you), he's more of a remote member.

    One guy brought 2 pounds of homegrown whole hops (thanks Gary S.) to be divvied up amongst attendees. Some of the brews on hand were Cascadian Ale (made from the homegrown hops), Citra SMASH, Triple Belgian, LB Fixed Gear Clone, Black IPA, Witbier, Vanilla Porter, and Kraken Rum Oak Aged Vanilla Porter.

    A question was raised as to how much the Kraken Rum had raised the ABV in the Vanilla Porter. I had to look it up: 1 pint of 40% abv (Kraken Rum) in 40 pints (5 gallons) will increase the abv by 1% (more than I thought). I used 1 oz medium toast oak cubes with 1 cup kraken, for 2 weeks in secondary. So it increased the vanilla porter by 0.5% making it 6.2% instead of the original 5.7%.