What's Brewing?

Souring beers on the stovetop... for 3 days at 112f.  The wifey wasn't too happy!  She got over it, haha.
Souring On Stovetop
3/4 gallon of Pale Ale:
One Gallon Of Beer
Brewing in a bag, easy stovetop style:
Brew In A Bag
Some AWESOME BioTransformation going here between hops and yeast during active fermentation!
Fermentation is beginning to blow out my airlocks! Caught it early and drained 1/2 gallon out of each primary to ferment eleswhere.
Blowing Out The Airlocks
Starters and small batch test sample IPA going:
Drink Beer - Die Hoppy!
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Give a person a beer, they'll waste an hour.  Teach a person to brew, they'll waste a lifetime!